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The 420 Pen v3 – Humboldt Green LE

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Product Description

420v3 Humboldt Green Limited Edition The 420 Pen v3 - Humboldt Green Limited Edition - Full Kit

420v3 Humboldt Edition - Top - smallGet ready to celebrate the 420 season is style with the Humboldt Green Limited Edition 420 Pen. Presented in a 420 friendly dark green with chrome accents. The Humboldt Green LE includes all the accessories that are included with a standard 420 v3 Pen, with the addition of an solid heavy-weight chrome mouth piece, three replacement coils, dark green suction stand, dark green travel case, and a 1.6ml green liquid atomizer (for use with e-hookah or vape juice).

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and excellence have led to the development of The 420 Pen v3; a dry herb vaporizer pen, designed for quality, performance, ease of use and a low cost of ownership. At the same time, customer feedback and field testing have driven us to innovate, rather than emulate. The new 420 Pen v3 stands apart from the competition, being the best dry herb vaporizer pen on the market.

420-Pen-v3-chamber-HE smallV3 features the all new replaceable coil system to help keep your pen running like new. The battery includes an improved 950mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion cell, which provides a longer charge, no memory effect, fast charging and a stylish new design. Even our charging adapters have been upgraded to include an overcharge protection. This LE version has ‘Humboldt Green Limited Edition’ lasered directly onto the battery.

Operating The 420 Pen is very simple. Just unscrew the mouth piece, fill the ceramic heating chamber half way with ground dry herb and replace the mouth piece. Finally hold down the button for up to ten seconds to heat the chamber while taking a draw on the mouth piece. That’s it!

420-Pen-v3-Hard-Tip-Coil-Installed-HumboldtHeating Coils, Chambers… and why The 420 Pen is better!
The heating coil is a consumable item that will eventually need to be replaced for continued operation. A major flaw in competing dry herb pen design is that these coils are not removable, forcing you to purchase entire chambers or pens to continue using them. This can get expensive quickly. It also means having to keep under-performing coils in place and not being able to properly clean-out the heating chamber from eventual resin build-up. With the competition, you end up spending more time maintaining the pen than actually using it!

Unlike our competition, The 420 Pen v3 features a unique replaceable coil system. Simply unscrew the heat chamber, drop in an inexpensive replacement coil and your pen is good as new. This revolutionary system delivers full access to the heating chamber allowing for quick cleaning of the ceramic chamber and any resin build-up. This kit comes with three coils to get you started. Replacement coils may be purchased individually or in discount packs from and authorized dealers.

420v3 Humboldt Edition - Mouth PieceMouth Pieces
Traditionally dry herb vaporizer pens have come with a rubber mouth piece that included ceramic and metal filters with tension springs. This system is great for reducing odor and taste, but strong customer feedback has recommended bypassing the filter and including a hard tip, similar to that of traditional liquid atomizers. The Humboldt Green Limited Edition comes with a custom solid chrome mouth piece for that solid pipe feel.

420-Pen-v3-Hard-Tip-threading - HEIndustry Standard Threading The 420 Pen v3 uses industry standard 510/EGO threading, making it instantly compatible with countless atomizers and accessories. The 950mAh Lithium Ion battery perfectly complements The Vape Co’s Dab Tornado Wax Globe, Volcano Hit Wax Atomizer, Juiceboxx e-Juice atomizer and more. You are not locked in to any sort of proprietary battery system like other brands. This common sense feature allows you to have multiple uses for a single pen while saving you money.


Limited Edition Bonus: CE-4VL Liquid Tank
Turn your Humboldt Green LE into a e-Hookah or standard vaporizer pen with the addition of the CE4-VL liquid tank. Simply thread it on to the battery and fill with any one of our e-Cig liquids or flavorful and nicotine free e-Hookah / e-Shisha juices. With this combo you will be on your way to stopping your unhealthy cigarette habit.

Top Quality
The Vape Co. Seal of QualityGreat care has gone into the material selection and development of The 420 Pen v3. The Vape Co. use thick aluminum, coated in colored rubber for optimal stylish appearance and protection. Top quality Lithium-Ion batteries are included for extra long charges and lifespan. Custom designed heating elements are tested before and after installation for operation, consistency and temperature. Every component and accessory is individually tested at the factory and USA warehouse to ensure that your device meets The Vape Co. standard.

In a sea of cheaply manufactured vaporizers, we strive to stand out
from the rest with our attention to details and customer service.

Key Features
Discreet. Fits easily in pockets or purses, or a million other places out of curious eyes
High quality design and build. Only premium materials have been used with attention to detail
Replaceable coil system
Light weight
Weather proof. Tested in rain, snow and extreme cold (-30f)
Ready to use in seconds
Device lock to prevent against accidental use and overheating
High-quality long-life Lithium Ion Battery
Convenient USB or wall charging
All components are individually tested prior to shipping to ensure operation and quality control

420v3 Humboldt EditionPackage Contents
(1) Humboldt Green 950mAh Li-On Battery
(1) Humboldt Green Dry Herb Chamber
(3) The 420 Pen v3 Replaceable Coil
(1) Chrome Mouthpiece
(1) Cleaning Brush Tool
(1) Wall Adapter (110v)
(1) USB Charger with Overcharge Protection
(1) Humboldt Green Deluxe Travel Case
(1) Green CE4-VL liquid atomizer tank
(1) Green Suction Stand

The Warranty

The Vape Co. believes strongly in the quality of it’s products. We guarantee The 420 Pen to be free of malfunction due to defect in materials or workmanship for a period of six months from the date of purchase. If such a defect is found, an exchange or repair will be issued. All heating elements are consumable attachments, due to their nature, once they have been utilized there is no warranty coverage or replacement. We do not offer refunds. All warranted items must have been purchased from our website (, or an authorized distributor / authorized retail location. A copy of the sales receipt must accompany any inquiries. In the event that servicing is required due to defect, please contact our support department via our website.

Additional Information

Weight 8 oz

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  1. Jacob
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Exactly what i was expecting. Portable, easy to use, and efficent enough. Yes, i did upgrade my liquid tank at the local store, and yes they laughed when i pulled it out of my pocket… But! Jokes on them, seems they’re looking for a big cloud? Lol the chambers are easily interchangeable, (which is awesome) so no spillage there! Vape up and be safe!

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