Incognito Micro Vaporizer Pen

Incognito Micro Vaporizer Pen

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The ultimate micro vaporizer pen, for wax or dry herb concentrates!

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Product Description

The Incognito - Micro Vaporizer Pen for Dry Herb and Wax Oil Concentrates

The Incognito - Micro Vape Pen for Dry Herb, Concentrates, and Wax Oil BHO EERL

Our goal with The Incognito Micro Vape Pen was simple, create the best possible micro vaporizer pen on the market using the highest quality components, and design a high performance atomizers that would deliver as promised.

The Vape Co. spent the better part of a year testing our competitors micro vape pens, going through dozens of brands and countless boxes of atomizers. We discovered one common truth… just because they look alike, doesn’t mean they are built the same. The majority of the pens suffered from terrible performance. Some were plagued by inconsistent power output, which destroyed coils and shortened battery life. Others had a high rate of atomizer failure due to poor design and low quality manufacturing. Almost all of them leaked, while the worst (and most popular) used a atomizer design that caused the surrounding plastic to melt and release toxic fumes.

Selling a product with any of those issues was not acceptable to us, so we made our own! We sourced the most reliable battery manufacture and took our time to create a set of high quality atomizers… for both concentrates and dry herb!

Key Features

  • BOTH Dry Herb Chamber and Golden Dab Wax Atomizer INCLUDED!
  • Very discreet. Fits easily in coat or pant pockets, or a million other places out of curious eyes.
  • High quality design and build. Only top grade materials have been used with attention to detail.
  • Light weight
  • Weather proof. Tested in rain, snow and extreme cold (-30f)
  • Ready to use in seconds.
  • Device lock to prevent against accidental use and overheating.
  • High-quality long-life Lithium Ion Battery. We use only top quality name brand Lithium Ion sealed batteries for long life, long charge-hold capacity and safety.
  • Convenient USB charger. (compatible with car and phone USB charger adapters)
  • All vaporizer pens and components are FULLY tested prior to shipping to ensure proper operation and quality control.

Dry Herb Chamber

One of the most requested upgrades for the micro vaporizer pens has been for the creation of a Dry Herb chamber. We are thrilled to introduce The Incognito Herb Vape chamber. Constructed from thick gauge stainless steel which has been ceramic lined for heat insulation, the Herb Vape chamber features a high quality coil at the bottom of the chamber. When activated, the coil quickly heats up your dry herbs or dry concentrates and releases the vapors. At the same time a small spring inside the threaded cap will keep your materials from moving around. The chamber is very easy to fill and clean and is quite durable.

Incognito Atomizers

Wax/Oil & Concentrates Atomizer

With so many forms of oil based concentrates, creating the perfect wax and oil atomizer was a tricky task… but we did it. The Incognito Golden Dab atomizer features a heavy duty heating coil wrapped around polymer strands for a prolonged lifespan. The heating element is positioned away from the battery. The top of the vape chamber features a rolled funnel lip to reduce spillage and simplify your dabbing. The atomizer is compatible with all forms of waxy oil based concentrates including BHO, Honeycomb, Full Melt, Thick Oil, Honey Oil, Shatter and more! Plus… the entire chamber has been plated in gold! (looks way too cool!)

The Quality

Great care has gone into the material selection and development of The Incognito Micro Vaporizer Pen. Each and every single pen goes through a rigorous testing process in our USA offices to ensure a quality product. Batteries are charged to capacity and tested for load. All heating elements are dry and wet tested for proper uniform operation. It is our mission to deliver a high quality product that you will enjoy. No other micro vape pen on the market can come close to the quality of The Incognito.

The Incognito Micro Vaporizer Package Contents:

  • (1) High Capacity Battery Lithium Ion Battery
  • (1) Dry Herb & Dry Concentrates Chamber
  • (1) The Golden Dab Wax & Oil Concentrates Atomizer
  • (1) Dry Herb Cleaning Brush
  • (1) Micro Dab Tool
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (1) Retail Box

The Warranty

The Vape Co. believes strongly in the quality of it’s products. We guarantee The Incognito Micro Vaporizer Pen to be free of malfunction due to defect in materials or workmanship for a period of three months from the date of purchase. If such a defect is found, an exchange or repair will be issued. We do not offer refunds. All warranted items must have been purchased from our website (, or an authorized distributor / authorized retail location. A copy of the sales receipt must accompany any inquiries. In the event that servicing is required due to defect, please contact our support department via our website.  Atomizers and heating elements are a consumable product. Due to their nature, once they have been utilized there is no warranty coverage or replacement available. We will exchange any item received DOA.

1 review for Incognito Micro Vaporizer Pen

  1. Alexis
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Due to circumstances beyond mine and The Vape Co. control it took quite sometime to receive this product, due mostly to the USPS, but once I had it and used it I found that it was everything it was advertised. The dry herb chamber works quickly and efficiently, the battery life is much longer than any other pen type vaporizers I’ve used and even just the feel of it in use makes it seem as if this is a much more expensive product than it actually is.

    I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pocket sized vaporizer.

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