Founded in 2008, The Vape Co. has been designing and developing vaporizers for many of popular brands on the market. Many now common place developments originated with our R&D department.

In 2013 we established a self-branded line of products to showcase our dedication to quality, ingenuity and service. Many of the unique features of our products are the direct results of paying close attention to the suggestions / requirements of our customers and industry partners. Our position as a manufacture allows us to quickly make changes existing products and deploy new models.

Unlike our competitors we own 100% of our production facilities and keep the majority of our manufacturing and assembly in the USA. Most manufactures simply re-brand low cost imports with unknown quality and without a technical comprehension of their design or regard for public safety. We know exactly what is in a The Vape Co. product and guarantee it every time, we use only “A Grade” battery cells and 100% stable quality components.

All products are thoroughly tested and supported by our staff in the USA. We employ skilled labor for all domestic manufacturing and assembly. Constant audits of our material suppliers, workforce and product assembly / quality are performed on regular intervals.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and considering The Vape Co. products. Please feel free to use the ‘Contact Us’ form to submit any questions or comments you may have.

-The Vape Co.