Gladiator RedLine Pro™ Electric Nail System

Gladiator RedLine Pro™ Electric Nail System


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Don’t let it’s size fool you, the RedLine Pro™ is packing heat. It’s maintains temperatures up to 1,000 degrees with precision. Designed from the ground up for portability, reliability and performance for the perfect Dab every time.



  • Gladiator RedLine Pro™  Digital Controller
  • Gladiator Hi-Temp™ Kevlar cable
  • Flat Spiral Heating Coil
  • QTi Hybrid Nail (14/18mm – Male & Female)
  • QTi 25mm Titanium Dish
  • Titanium Carb Cap & Dabber
  • Retail Box
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High Performance With Digits

Built on the success of the RedLine™ Analog Electronic Nail System, the RedLine Pro™ Digital E-Nail System, brings you precise control of your nail’s target temperature. It’s adjustable to the degree, with a top heat of 1000 degrees.

Operating the RedLine QTI™ could not be any easier;  plug it in, turn it on and watch the titanium domeless nail heat up. The high quality controller and Kevlar coil wire keep safety in check and your RedLine Pro™ working for years to come.


1,000 Degrees In Seconds

Don’t let it’s size fool you, the RedLine Pro™ is packing heat. It’s capable of maintaining stable temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, helping you obtain the perfect Dab each time. The RedLine Kevlar Coil™ is uniquely designed to handle the high temps while protecting your controller from excessive heat recoil.



QTi™ Hybrid Nail System

The RedLine Pro™ E-Nail System comes complete with a Gladiator QTi™ Universal Hybrid Nail. The QTi™ nail is designed to perfectly fit the RedLine’s Hi-Temp™ flat coil and provide optimal contact and heat transfer.

The QTi™ nail comes with a heavy-duty removable 25mm Titanium GR2 dish and can be swapped to a 25mm Quartz dish (sold separately) in a matter of seconds. The Titanium GR2 body and universal base can be reconfigured to support male and female 14mm and 18mm joints. We suggest using a drop-down or similar adapter for 10mm fittings due to their fragile nature.

A Gladiator Titanium XL™ Carb Cap with Dabber is included to get you immediately up and running… Just add your favorite rig!


We’ve Got You Covered

Each Gladiator RedLine Pro™ is thoroughly tested during assembly and packaging to ensure proper operation. If something goes wrong down the road, we’ve got you covered with a limited lifetime parts and labor warranty on the controller and a one year / one replacement RedLine Hi-Temp Kevlar Cable™  warranty. All RedLine™ components are also available for purchase separately.



* Glass rig in photo is shown for example only. 

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    This is an absolutely wonderful product my Is Erik and I use this product every day being legally blind this product gives me the freedom to set a temperature and not have to worry about torturing or other ways of heating things up I really don’t worry about burning myself anymore such a wonderful product and the company is absolutely fantastic they really stand behind their products before I had their analog model and I was very happy with it as well

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