Gladiator Spartan Pro™ Electric Nail System

Gladiator Spartan Pro™ Electric Nail System

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$249.95 $129.95


  • Gladiator Spartan Pro™  Digital Desktop Controller
  • Gladiator Hi-Temp™ Kevlar cable
  • Flat Spiral Heating Coil
  • QTi Hybrid Nail System (14/18mm – Male/Female)
  • 25mm XL Titanium Dish
  • 25mm XL Quartz Dish
  • XL Titanium Carb Cap & Dabber
  • STR8™ Waterproof Carrying Case





High Performance & Compact

Enter the world of electric dabbing with Gladiator’s Spartan Pro™ E-Nail system.  Digitally control nail temperatures while keeping safe.

The e-nail coil takes only seconds to heat-up, while the LED  display provides current and target temperatures. Our unique Hi-Temp™ Kevlar cables are built to absorb heat, extending the lifespan of the controller and coil.


Perfect Low Temp Dabs

Experience superior flavors, pronounced effect and safer vapor from low temp dabs. Gladiator™ e-Nails keep your temperatures consistent, and can be used all day.


Ready to Dab, Just Add Glass

Spartan E-Nail™ include everything you need to get going… a Spartan Pro™ Digital Controller in Spartan Red, RedLine™ Hi-Temp Kevlar Cable, QTi™ Nail, Titanium & Quartz XL Dishes, and Spartan Red STR8™ Waterproof Carrying Case. Just add your favorite glass* and you’re ready to go.

(Use a drop-down for 10mm fittings due to their fragile nature.)




QTi™ Hybrid E-Nail

The Gladiator Spartan QTi™ E-Nail System includes the Gladiator QTi™ Hybrid Nail. The QTi™ nail is designed to perfectly fit the Hi-Temp™ flat spiral coil and provide optimal contact for heat transfer.

The QTi™ nail includes heavy-duty removable 25mm Quartz & Titanium GR2 dishes, that can be swapped out in seconds. The Titanium nail body can be reconfigured between male, female, 14mm or 18mm joints.*
* Titanium nail and carb cap appearance may vary by revision, branding is no longer etched on these items. 




We’ve Got You Covered

Spartan™ E-Nails are thoroughly tested during assembly and packaging to ensure proper operation. If something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered with a ONE YEAR parts & labor warranty on the controller, and one year / one replacement on the RedLine Hi-Temp Kevlar Cable™.




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