OMEGA™ Replacement Chamber

OMEGA™ Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer - 1g Medical Grade Ceramic Chamber

OMEGA™ Replacement Chamber

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$19.95 $7.85

Authentic replacement Bubbler for the OMEGA™ Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer system.



OMEGA Replacement Chamber™

At the heart of the OMEGA Plus™ is our exclusive sub-ohm heating chamber, constructed from a proprietary medical grade porous ceramic and designed to provide the purest flavors possible without coloring or contamination.

The chamber is heated from below and absorbs concentrate to create a fine vapor. Dual vapor paths separate heated air from vapor, further preserving delicate Terpenes in your oils. The separated vapor paths help reduce throat irritation and overall temperature, allowing for prolonged sessions. The fine vapor produced by the OMEGA Plus™ is perfect for both medicinal and recreational users.

OMEGA Plus Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer 1g Medical Grade Ceramic Chamber
The OMEGA™ airflow base provides absolute control over the air passing through the chamber. Rotating the base allows you to dial-in the perfect flow for your concentrates.

By design the OMEGA Chamber™ conserves concentrates and eliminates spillage, reducing your costs and maximizing effectiveness. The Chamber’s magnetic cap ensures that your oils stay in place. The Chamber is self-cleaning and designed for a long lifespan and is guaranteed against DOA.

Authentic replacement ceramic heating chamber for the OMEGA™
and OMEGA Plus™ Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer system.

OMEGA Plus Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer - Airflow Animation


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