OMEGA™ Replacement Glass Bubbler

OMEGA™ Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer Replacement Glass Bubbler

OMEGA™ Replacement Glass Bubbler

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$24.95 $14.95

Authentic replacement Bubbler for the OMEGA™ Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer system.

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OMEGA Plus Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer Water Filter and Bubbler

OMEGA Replacement Bubbler™

Further purify your vapor with the included OMEGA Bubbler™. This unique glass water filter attachment provides the benefits of traditional water pipes with the portability of the OMEGA Plus concentrate vaporizer. Use the Bubbler™ on the go or at the end of a long day. To setup, simply remove the metal shell and slide the Bubbler™ on. The OMEGA Bubbler™ is a great solution for those with sensitivities to vapor or those looking to cool-off their vapor even further.

Authentic replacement Bubbler for the OMEGA™
and OMEGA Plus™ Connoisseur Concentrate Vaporizer system.
*glass only, chamber and base shown for illustration only.