Tornado Pure™ Quartz Replacement Nail

Tornado Pure™ Quartz Replacement Nail

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$12.95 $4.95


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Experience Pure Vapor

Designed for purity of vapor and top performance, the Tornado Pure™ provides the ultimate concentrate experience. Enjoy unbelievably clean flavor and pronounced aromas that no other vaporizer or nail can provide, all while benefiting from the targeted release of Terpins.

Pure - Coil-01Quartz & Titanium
At the heart of the Tornado Pure™ is a unique coil system which features two low resistance titanium coils wrapped around quartz crystal cores. The coils are positioned near the bottom of a quartz cup, allowing dripped concentrates to sizzle and vaporize as if they were on a quartz nail.

The quartz in the Tornado Pure™ coil does not add external flavor or allow for burn tastes like wicks. The rods maintain proper heat and form, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates in their purest form.

Built To Last
Each Tornado Pure™ nail is individually hand assembled in the USA. Constructed with medical grade titanium and quartz elements for low resistance and uniform placement for optimum performance and lifespan. The Tornado Pure™ nail system contains no glues and no dyes for your health. Tornado Pure™ nails are backwards compatible with previous and current versions of the DAB Tornado series, as well as cross compatible with most popular brands on the market.

We’ve Got You Covered
Tornado Pure™ coils are pre-tested and guaranteed to fire upon delivery.


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