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Tornado Pure™ Concentrate Globe Vape Pen
Experience Pure Vapor
Designed for purity of vapor and top performance, the Tornado Pure™ provides the ultimate concentrate experience. Enjoy unbelievably clean flavor and pronounced aromas that no other vaporizer or nail can provide, all while benefiting from the targeted release of Terpins.

While other concentrate pens offer a direct vapor path, the Tornado Pure™ delivers a water-pipe-like concentrated vapor hit. As you activate the pen, the globe fills with thick milky vapor. Once the globe is full… take a draw and enjoy!.

Pure - Coil-01Quartz & Titanium
At the heart of the Tornado Pure™ is a unique coil system which features two low resistance titanium coils wrapped around quartz crystal cores. The coils are positioned near the bottom of a quartz cup, allowing dripped concentrates to sizzle and vaporize as if they were on a quartz nail.

The quartz in the Tornado Pure™ coil does not add external flavor or allow for burn tastes like wicks. The rods maintain proper heat and form, allowing you to enjoy your concentrates in their purest form.

Built To Last
Each Tornado Pure™ coil is individually hand wrapped and assembled in the USA. Constructed with medical grade titanium elements for low resistance and a uniform placement for optimum performance and lifespan. The Tornado Pure™ coil system contains no glues and no dyes for your health.

Pure Power
The Tornado Pure™ high capacity Multi-Temp battery vaporizes concentrates at ideal temperatures for flavorful and therapeutic Terpin release. It’s streamlined one-button design is simple to use… click the power button five times to turn on, then five times to cycle through each temperature mode (red 345°, mixed 385°, blue 420°).

Pure - Tornado - Finishes-01

Pure Style
Functionality aside, the Tornado Pure™ is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Finish selections include Chrome, Gun Metal, Ferarri-esque Red, Lambo Yellow and are constantly expanding. For the connoisseur there is a 24k Gold plated limited edition. The pens are weight balanced for comfort.

We’ve Got You Covered
Each Tornado Pure™ pen is backed by a limited one year warranty that covers the battery and charger against manufacture defects. Coils are pre-tested and guaranteed to fire upon delivery.


  • Tornado Pure™ Atomizer
  • (2) Tornado Pure™ Skillets
  • Multi-Temp Lithium Ion Battery
  • USB Battery Charger
  • Non-Stick Silicone Tip Dab Tool